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Important information

Tourist tax: on the 1st of May 2013, the government of Cape Verde introduced a new tourist tax that applies to all travellers aged 16 years and over. Its amount is 2 euros per person per night and is limited to 10 consecutive nights in the same hotel (20 euros per person per stay maximum).

Airport transfer: since the beginning of the year 2009, we no longer offer transfer service from the São Pedro airport. We took this decision because the recurrent flight delays of the local airlines (TACV and TAP) were disrupting our schedule.
In addition, the services offered by the many taxis available at the terminal parking lot are good, reliable and at a fixed rate (no haggle necessary): 1000 escudos (about 9.10 euros).

To get to our place, please give the following precise directions to the taxi driver:
Residencial Solar Windelo
Ex Casa de Vasco Martins
Alto de Santo Antonio, seguir Alto Miramar